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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Dripping Drizzling Sap

The sap in our few test buckets started dripping in earnest yesterday, so today (at least up until 4 pm when the Cushing Spring Bash gets started) is putting out more buckets.  

Got stuck in the snow with the 47 2N Ford trying to make a trail in the woods yesterday after the foot of new snow, but shoveled out and will try again today.  

Scott finished the ski season job and is up for a couple of weeks at the cabin.   He saw an otter in the driveway yesterday, and saw the tracks this morning coming from under the crawl space on the cabin (up on posts), headed to and from the lake in the fresh snow.  He thinks maybe the otter has moved in the snow-free area underneath for the winter.  He or she gets into the lake through the big spring at shoreline where there is a little open water year around.  Rather have an otter than a beaver when your cabin is supported on wood posts!

The foot of new snow was messy to clear with mud underneath. The snowblower moved gravel, slush, mud and the backblade dug into the soft driveway with no frost underneath. 

Off to get things ready; put out more taps, and finally move into maple syrup season!   Long wait this year.