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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lightning and Rain

The first thunderstorm of the season is moving through tonight.  Lots of wind all day, and many lightning strikes and rolling thunder.   

Scott, sitting on the porch at the cabin watching the rain come through, was shocked by a nearby flash-boom, one of those where both are instantaneous indicating very close by.  

Going inside, he found the electricity off and the phone not working (and his cell phone doesn't work at the cabin).  He decided to check the neighbor's yard light, and walked out to the road to look and took some photos of a willow near the sap shed that was the target of the strike.  He took these photos. 

   I copied his camera chip and will add a few cabin porch photos he has taken during maple syrup season.  

Bald eagles clean up a few dead carp on the ice

Sandhill crane

Trumpeter swan