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Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Walk on the Forty

After planting 25 more trees, took a break in the late afternoon with the sun out and checked out the farm.  Ponds are full and beautiful!

Heavy corn stalk litter prevents erosion.  This field pond usually will be gone in a few more weeks. 

Dub Lake--the 4 acre pond 

Below dub lake the water flows on through to Deer Lake and then to Wolf Creek and the St Croix

Water flowing over rocks and ledges has a wonderful sound

The old beaver dam is breached with an ash tree growing right in the overflow.  

Originally the beaver dam (probably centuries earlier) would have raised the water 6 feet above what it is now. 

Burdocks were the inspiration for velcro. Tiny tenacious hooks to carry the seed. 

  We made a trip to Anderson Maple and bought many bottles including a dozen glass gallon jugs as the next step is bottling syrup.  Alisson told us that a few days earlier, many of the syrup producers said they were at 3/4 of a normal season.  We are at 100% normal 1 quart per tap hole, with the season probably over. 
   We planted 25 of the 30 apple trees this afternoon along Evergreen Av.  If the deer leave them alone (we put them in tubes) and the weather is good, in 20 years we will have a nice long row of flowering Siberian Crabs approaching the driveway.  

Siberian Crabs in bloom