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Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 16th Snowstorm

Snow started yesterday morning and continued through most of the day and night.  Here we probably got about 18 inches total, although it is hard to tell as it drifted a lot.  The driveway ranged from 18-24 inches.  

Had taken the snow blower off the cub cadet for the summer.  It only took me about 30 minutes to get it back on and hardly any persuasive words.  Two bolts, two pins, and a belt that you drive into.  However, getting them lined up as they tighten into the belt is fraught with peril.  Using jacks, pry bars, and finesse, it went better than I expected!

The birds are thick around the feeders this morning.   Some photos of today including the goose on the nearby pond who honked and watched me the whole time. 

Morning hair

A goose honking this morning does not seem happy with the pond

West of the tree line was sheltered and only 8 inches of snow

In the evening the field pond had several geese. 

Put some sun flower seeds on the driveway for traction!