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Sunday, January 6, 2013

River Road Ramblings 2012 book

The next in the series of River Road Rambling books is on sale.   It is actually exactly what I have put on this blog in the past year other than the videos.   So, if you read the blog, you have the whole book available to you right here -- spread out in the blog form--free!

Some folks, including Mom, do not have a computer, nor the internet, so I made a book from the posts for people in desperate need for Ramblings.  They too can read the postings while seated at their favorite reading spot.  

 The book is available on at 
2012 River Road Ramblings

I used a program that automatically collected and formatted the book directly from the blog--so it reads like a dated diary--and the layout is reasonably good.  The margins are wider then I prefer, and the photos not quite so densely packed as I might do, but it is quite nice considering I didn't have to do much work!   The photos and text are all there.   

The program I used also has a book printing service that charges $135 for the 304 page book printed in color--much to expensive for me or my readers!!!!

I instead bought the pdf file the program created for $8 and then used it to make a black and white version of the book that sells for $10 (300 pages) plus postage, and am planning a color version which will sell for something like $40 (yes color is very expensive!).  The color version Color Version of 2012 River Road Ramblings Link  

 Blogging is a lot like keeping a journal, although in my case, I mix in some local history and photos.  Having the ability to bookify the blog, makes an interesting and easy way to become an author!  Just create a free blog, put some stuff on it and you are there!