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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Luck Library-Museum Addition Progress

Chuck Adleman, president of the Luck Area Historical Society, sent me these photos of the addition to the Luck library and museum.  
    The family research center/multipurpose addition to the Luck WI museum has a roof and is enclosed! A donation from the Ravenholt family with roots in the Luck area is paying for the addition. 
    As a volunteer with the museum and the Polk Co Genealogical society, I am eager to have it up and running to help folks do their family roots research.  Probably opening in April or May. The whole library-museum building was built with donations from the area a few years ago. If you are interested in tracing your family in Polk County -- check out our website at Polk County Genealogical Society

The addition fills in a corner to the original building that was left out due to the costs originally.  I think the planning is to have wide enclosed storage shelving with doors around two walls opening up the current storage room into a double sized bigger room with a large open work area, shelving for family history resources, display areas and of course room for some computer digitizing equipment and drop in work stations.   

Today some High School students are coming over to temporarily move the items in the current storage area across the street to be stored while the two rooms are being merged.   A busy and exciting time.  
  You can see the Luck Area Historical Society website at Luck Area Historical Society

You can read the latest newsletter from the Polk County Genealogical Society at