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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Panting Problems

Feeling pretty good today! My MG has been mostly under control for a few months, and I have been optimistic that I will have a good year not too badly bothered by MG. However, in the past 8 months I have been quite disappointed with myself for adding almost 20 lbs!

Before drooping my way into MG, I had been in a weight lost plan that over 6 months had dropped 15 lbs as part of a goal to get 25 lbs off.

And then along came prednisone ( Click for the soundtrack ) My neuro said "you will really have to watch your diet as prednisone increases the appetite and seems to make it easy to put on extra pounds." Boy, she was right.

Of course, it isn't all my fault. Margo went into chemo shortly after I started prednisone, and was told the opposite-- "you must eat high calorie foods--force yourself if you have to." So we bought lots of tempting food to help convince her to eat when she felt sick. It has worked for her--she only dropped a few pound so far (chemo done, surgery and radiation next). Having all the extra food around tempted me too much, and of course I had to set a good example by eating with her.

So, feeling terribly fat again only 8 months after having thinned down some, I have been beating myself up for not having enough will power to diet and exercise enough. MG was an excuse, but not really so much anymore as i can exercise everything but my willpower.

But, yesterday, I think I solved the problem! I went to town and bought a new pair of pants, one size bigger than the ones I was wearing. They are quite wonderful! They are even slightly loose, It appears I judge my weight by how tight my pants are around the waist. Now, with the bigger ones, I find that my breathing is easier (the tight pants were limiting the diaphram movement, I guess), and my mental attitude is great, not being reminded by tight pants all the time.

And, you know what-- there are still even bigger waist sizes on the shelf! So, life is again comfortable and the pressure to lose weight has been relieved!

Of course, this won't last as I have an appointment with my family doc in mid February (my annual physical) where I will surely be hassled greatly about my regression. I wonder if I can lose 20 lbs before seeing her? Gotta stop now, Margo wants a dish of ice cream, and as a good husband, I need to support her by having one too.