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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Margo back home

Margo is back home tonight!   The blood transfusion of 2 units and some morphine based medication got rid of her headache and she is feeling much better.  Of course, there are always things to consider:
   1.  Does needing red blood cells hint at vampirism in the future?
   2.  Will she become hooked on morphine?
   3.  Will running two pints low on blood for several days have damaged her engine?
   4.  Will she catch up on 5 days of skipping out on doing dishes, cleaning, and household chores?
   5.  Will the insurance company cover her ambulance ride?
Stay tuned!

With Margo having chemo this winter, our usual trip to the far south to escape from the cold has been put off until next year.
Here Margo was sweeping out an ante-bellum mansion in Mississippi, to earn some money for grits and biscuits.  She is singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot..."