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Monday, January 14, 2013

Margo has last chemo!

Today was the 16th and last of Margo's chemo for breast cancer.   She said good bye to the staff, got a nice send off including a pin to wear as a reward!  She had made many friends with the very nice folks in Mayo's 10th floor Gonda treatment area.

We talked to the doctor who says:
    In 2 weeks a series of scans and tests to see how much cancer is left
    At that time a visit with the surgeon to set the date and type of surgery (probably left breast removal with some lymph nodes).   Surgery is to be probably first half of February -- as soon as she is feeling somewhat recovered

   The 3-6 weeks after surgery, again when she is feeling up to it, but as soon as possible, she starts 4-7 weeks of daily radiation (5 or 6 days a week for 36 sessions or something like that).  The radiation is supposed to be easier on her and quite short daily sessions.

   Margo was very pleased to finish chemo!  The last set of 4 have been very hard on her. Friday - Monday of this week will be the worst if it is like the past 3 sessions, and then by Tuesday she will be feeling better and gradually improving after that.

Margo second from right with her mid-summer crown in Sweden