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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wasting Away

Back in December, when I turned 65, I set as my goal to lose 20 lbs before my next birthday. The reasons were many: my doctor was pushing hard; my clothes were getting too tight; I had to start using a CPAP machine (that somewhat is associated with being overweight); and in general I was feeling that deterioration had set in badly!

I had put on the 20 lbs in the previous two years after my fall breaking my leg and damaging my knee that limited my mobility--couldn't go for a walk anymore. With less activity and eating the same amount, I added 20 lbs.

I still am inactive, especially since the first knee surgery in December and the second one 13 days ago, so losing weight had to be purely be eating less, a very hard thing to do when you are sitting around bored much of the time! By the time I had the knee replacement I had lost 5 lbs. The hospital stay and the two weeks since have helped and I have lost another 5 lbs so am halfway to the 20 lbs goal! I expect to be able to walk around again normally in a month or so, and am planning to make that a part of my daily routine. Having had 2 years where walking was difficult, I sure am looking forward to enjoying it again!

Yesterday, I decided to try using a cane with the new knee instead of the crutches. It seems to work pretty good. The knee is stable and bends close to straight, although I can't lock it yet, and my balance seems fine. It still hurts all the time, but less intensely.

One of the nuisances of talking to older folks is that they want to bore you with their health, which always seems to be a problem. I hope I don't become fixated on my health and take to blogging about joints and such when I get old. You might tell me if that happens.