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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Margo heads South

Margo got a call from her dad, Merlin, who lives in West Bend WI. He had chest pain and went into the doctor who sent him to Frodert Hospital in Milwaukee. After several tests, he is headed for heart bypass surgery Friday with a possible valve replacement.

Margo thinks he will be in the hospital until later next week and then back to his condo in West Bend. She plans to stay until he is ready to be on his own again--probably 3 weeks or so.

She will miss our 40th wedding anniversary coming up on Sunday the 4th of March and probably my knee replacement on March 12th here at Mayo Clinic. Son Scott finishes his winter job at the ski resort on the 11th and plans to babysit me until I am walking on my own (2 nights in the hospital and then home with a walker or canes and walking on my own relatively soon).

With all the medical stuff, it looks like tapping the maples will wait until the weekend of the 17th, although if you look at the forecast for Cushing WI
Click to see Cushing 10 day forecast it shows some high 40s for next week! It is awful tempting to start tapping the maples already on Monday!

This week, being pretty much limited to hobbling around, I plan to get as much of the "75th Anniversary of the Sterling Old Settlers Picnic" book together as I can and continue working on the history of Alabama WI (ghost town between Cushing and Atlas settled by Civil War era Alabamians migrating to WI in 1860s).

Margo and I were reminiscing about our first date. We were working at the same place in West Bend, WI. I invited her to go to a movie in northern Milwaukee, where I was staying with my brother, Marv. After the movie, we came out and my 1967 Rambler Rogue was gone. "Kids joy riding," said the cop. I called Marv to take us home (Margo to the farm outside of West Bend) and on the way out of her driveway, he ran over Jack, her family's dog. Jack ran off yelping with his tail between his legs (a sore paw is all he got) and we drove off hoping Margo's parents would think it was someone else! The car was recovered undamaged the next day. That was in May of 1971--a first date to remember!