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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knee replaced!

About 50 staples in my knee. The blue lines are markers where the thigh bone connects to the knee bone and the knee bone connects to the leg bone!

They will be taken out in 2 weeks.
I am working on getting the knee to bend fully and to lock when straight. It is painful. I have oxycodone pain pills that work good except they make me stop breathing at night (even with the cpap), so I switch to Tylenol at night. It is amazing how quickly the whole knee replacement process was.

With the warm weather and Scott babysitting me and Margo babysitting her Dad, we decided to skip maple season for now. This may be the year that there is no maple sap run. It needs to be cooler for sap to run (freezing at night and thawing in the day). When the buds start, the sap gets an poor flavor. They may bud out quickly with the warmth.