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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Great Day

For the first day in a couple of years, I am able to walk around almost normally. I can't quite straighten my new knee yet, but it is coming. It is still somewhat painful, but it sure looks like it is going to be an improvement.

I think it is time to take a trip to Cushing. The Sterling picnic committee meets on Friday, Brother Marv has his annual Easter egg hunt on Sunday, Monday is the Luck museum board meeting, the Polk Co Genealogical meeting and the first 2012 meeting of the local rock and mineral society (last 3 in Luck).

If I don't show up at the meetings it is an excuse to add me to all sorts of committees to do things this summer! It is a wonderful way to encourage attendance.

The staples come out on Thursday. The Doc said when I quit taking the special pain killers and my leg bends OK, I can start driving (2-3 weeks), which should be all ready by Friday. I am thrilled at how much better the leg feels now (14 days since the new knee) than it did before the surgery--leg is straight and I can walk without a cane, although they said keep the cane until your walking is normal--no limping around. Mostly it is just getting the knee more flexible and bending over a wider range.

After some of my previous knee surgeries, I never got the knee straightened out without finally having to sit on one chair with my heel on another and have Margo sit on my knee and bounce up and down until it got bent all the way. She is not back from West Bend with her Dad until Easter.