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Thursday, March 29, 2012

At the Cabin

Had my 60 staples removed from the new knee surgery this morning.  Everything is coming along fine with it.  Scott has a bad cold, so I headed to the cabin at Cushing on my own, but not before seeing the first bluebird and first dandelion at Pine Island.

It is a little less green and maybe a little behind in spring up here than the 3 hours south to the Rochester area, but is nice up here too.  The maple trees are splendid in their green hanging blooms.  

Stopped at Mom's and she is better--the chiropractor seems to have helped loosen her knees and shoulder some.  She is anxious to plant some of her garden!

In Rochester and Pine Island, the gas price is $3.79 for regular with 10% ethanol.    At Stillwater, Hastings and Cannon Falls it was $3.65.  At Taylors Falls it was $3.63.  I read that we are lower than some of the rest of the country because we get a lot of Canadian crude oil cheaply.  As soon as the new pipeline gets approved and the Canadians can ship the crude directly to Texas, we will probably lose our lower prices.

No mice in the traps; no more burglars, just some dead flies to vacuum up in the cabin.  Looks ready for summer!