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Friday, March 16, 2012

Netflix online highly recommended

As a diversion this winter while I am down with the knee surgeries, I added $8 a month to my living costs by adding Netflix online. I already pay for dsl internet (about 60 a month for 15mb here in Pine Island) so the extra wasn't much. I bought a ROKU box for $50 for the TV and now can get some of the internet stuff on the tv.
It is very nice all the stuff that is available through the 8 Netflix subscription. I started watching a series of British detective stories -- Midsomer Murders that have something like 70 episodes of 1hr 45 minute shows. They are fun, there are no commercials and come in smoothly (we have an older smaller TV so don't know about high resolution--but they are good quality).
At the cabin, I turn on DSL for the summer (can put it on hold for the winter) and have it at about 3 Mb speed and it works fine there too. I can also watch it on my computer directly. Margo, Scott and I can all use it simultaneously, each watching something different with the same single subscription.
It is quite amazing what has happened in the past 20 years with the Internet! Actually, quite wonderful!