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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Margo at 11 weeks from back surgery -- Good!

Exactly 11 weeks ago Margo had upper back and neck surgery to repair some damaged disks that had shifted and were squeezing the spinal cord causing pain, numbness, and weakness.  

The repair was successful, but as a result, Margo lost some of her strength.  "Be patient, it will come back," counseled the surgeon, "but it may take a year for full recovery."  

The first month, Margo thought the operation caused more problems than did any good.  She did lose the pain in her legs and shoulders from the spinal stenosis (pinching) but it was replaced with the pain of the major surgical work.  

At eleven weeks, things are much better.  The pain is subsiding and now is more related to a day where she attempts to do a little more than is wise--but this pain goes away after rest.  She is walking around, sometimes without walker or cane!   She is starting to try some housework--and that goes OK.  

She continues with weekly physical therapy at Mayo Clinic in Barron, WI a pleasant hour and 15 minute drive from the farm -- made necessary to "stay in the health insurance network."  She hasn't started driving yet, so Scott or I take the trip too.  It is about as far as she feels like riding in a car, but a few trips to Rochester Mayo have gone OK too.  

Merlin, her father, was 90 years old this week.  He is in West Bend, WI.  She would have liked to do more than visit with him over the phone, but a trip of that distance is not quite doable yet.  Maybe in a month or two.  

So, if you ask her about the two back surgeries she had, December 2nd, and April 2nd, she will now tell you they were successful, necessary and look as if they will make the next 20 years something to look forward to!  Her recent cancer checkup cleared her of any returning cancer so that is good too. 

A positive report after some years of problems!