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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Has Summer Arrived Early?

The signs of summer are already here on the farm a week early?  Usually we have the first strawberries on midsummer, but we are almost 2 weeks early this year!  

The single roses were acceptable in the old days.  Now we have to have everblooming doubles to be worth planting. 

Robins don't wait until they are perfectly ripe

Friday, the parts for the sprayer tractor arrive.  If I don't spray them with Sevin soon, the worms will claim them

Chuck's corn looks good.  The old days we thought "knee high by the fourth of July" was about right.  This year it is almost there June 9th.
If the ants were smart enough not to build in a flood plain, they wouldn't have to rebuild so often

Raspberries are setting -- full of bumble bees who seem to do most of my pollinating on the farm this year

White cockle, a noxious weed according to farmers

I should have taken the blueberries off of these new plants set in the garden, but I imagine the birds will help me

My rhubarb seed is progressing.  When it is mature I will plant it to see if I can raise rhubarb plants from seed. 
After the first flush of strawberries in June and raspberries in July, we have some new everbearer strawberries and fall bearing raspberries thanks to our friends who passed along some plants that are thriving with all the rain and TLC.