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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Information about this blog

Did you know there are 621 individual blog entries on this site?  They begin with a 3 in 2007 and increase each year from then.  

When I gave up writing the newspaper articles (the reason is at this post -- Rambling from the Newspaper ) at the end of 2011, I moved my writing to the blog and started posting regularly and adding more photos.  

Over the years, I write less and add more photos remembering my father who especially liked to read the pictures as well as my mother who liked to write and read the stories.  

You can used the search box to find out particular topics.  The blog has much local history, much local photos and some miscellaneous information -- ramblings.  

If you want to try something fun, use the translate button to turn it into Chinese or Spanish or Norwegian.  I don't know how good it is, but Google does the translation automatically.   
I used to allow commenting, but got so many spam comments that I turned it off.  It is back on, so if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or requests, try it.  It is moderated, so first the comment comes to my email address, I remove spam ones and then pass along real ones.

Hope you are enjoying the stories and photos here.   I also post daily photos from the farm to my facebook page that friends can see.  Facebook     If you feel in need of a daily farm report, you can request friend status or I think you can view it directly anyway. 

Although I really use both of these as my journal, diary, and especially as my memory for what has happened in our life, I share it in the hopes it will be of interest or entertainment for others.   

Every 6 months or so, I use programs that retrieve all of my posts here and automatically turn them into a book that I can print or share as an ebook.   I do the same with my facebook posts.  It is quite amazing how writing an online diary can become a decent looking book with almost no work.  Of course, I don't use the auto book making route, but rather get the book file, edit it and self publish it for print or ebook, thus cutting the cost greatly and letting me feel in control of things. 

Hope you are enjoying the posts.