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Friday, June 5, 2015

A Cabin Water System

Rustic lake cabins often have a do-it-yourself water system used during summer and put away with freezing weather.  Our cabin has a sand point shallow well, a pressure pump and lots of long and short hoses connecting to the plumbing fixtures.  

Just to the left a spring comes out of the knoll and trickles into the lake.  The mound of dirt is where we dug down to my sand point connected to an elbow,  and the underground hose leading to the pump near the cabin.  We unhook the hose, use the tractor rear lift to pull it up, then clean the water openings that have closed up over 2 years and put it back down and connect it again.  

Tomorrow we connect the pump system.

Nearby on Granquist lake the swan pair there have hatched 5 babies and walked them over to Wolf Creek where they posed for a few photos from Hwy 87