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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Lake begins to open--Water everywhere but in the cabin

From the road looking north at the lake--the creek comes under the road. 

Looking south at Orr Creek as it leaves the Lake, heads south to join Wolf Creek and on into the St. Croix, Mississippi and Gulf

Far across the lake at the north end the creek comes into the lake and has an open channel where trumpeter swans do acrobatic tricks. 

My view this morning from the porch--I give the lake until May 1st to open up completely

The lake edge ice is water soaked and soon to melt

My project today is to try to get the water pump going again. This is a little insulated shed -- I took off the top and am getting ready to put the pump back in.  It is a shallow well--point 150 feet away in the spring and 1 foot deep waterline that freezes in the winter.  I think it is thawed, so I prime the pump, turn it on and with the proper incantations, water will come.   Didn't the first few times I tried--but surely today it will.   Having water makes the cabin almost civilized!