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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Margo's Mother passed away yesterday

Myrtle Wilkens

Margo's mother passed away yesterday. She was 85. She was a great lady. She loved fishing, doing handwork, and travel. She had been gradually declining with Alzheimer's over the past several years, and her passing was expected. For 35 years she worked at Power Products in Grafton building small engines, before that lived and worked with her husband on the farm where Margo was raised, and before that was a telephone switchboard operator in Newburg WI (near West Bend). When I first met her, Margo invited me to dinner with the family when we were dating, I brought a homemade apple pie (yes I made it), and she was so impressed, that she accepted me right away. She had a good sense of humor and an easy laugh. It has been sad to see her gradually lose her personality and memory over the past 7 years. We will miss her, but her passing was for the best. She is survived by her husband, Merlin, Margo and her brother Larry and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was one of 11 children, with 2 sisters and 3 brothers surviving.
  I don't have a photo here at the cabin, so will post one later.