St Croix River Road Ramblings

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rambling the St Croix above the Falls

The yard in Pine Island is half melted

Squirrels are busy cleaning the left over birdseed

The ice hasn't gone out in St Croix Falls at the power dam

Looking up river from the dam -- ice extends about 2 miles

North of St Croix Falls at the Lion's Park ice is still solid, although
some water on the top

Along the Old River Road 2 miles up the river is half open
No chunks of ice this year so far

Just south of Wild Mountain the river is fully open--and still open at Nevers Dam.  

View from the cabin overlooking the lake
Doesn't look like melting yet

Orr Creek has opened a narrow channel from the north into the lake.  I expect to see geese, swans soon taking advantage of the
open water.  Most years, a pair of trumpeter swans show up
this time of the year to claim the lake for nesting.