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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snow Bound

    Went to the Luck historical society board meeting today, got there at 11 am to work on the newsletter--no rain, no snow, cloudy, but much of the ground was bare.  When I left at 3:30 there was already 3 inches of snow, and now at 8:30 about 6 here at the cabin.  Hwy 87 was not plowed north of Cushing, and it was very bad driving with the little car that should have new tires!  Barely spun up the last big curved hill.  

The snowstorm brought down the electricity here at the cabin by Cushing. It was off about 1 and a half hours. It was very hard -- no TV, no internet, no Facebook. Of course as we have a wood stove no problem for heat. I scraped half a foot of new snow off the grill and made tube steak for supper. Came on just before I went into internet withdrawal. Didn't even have a battery radio around. Must have been rough for Grandpa and Grandma before the entertainment age--maybe why they had 8 kids!

    Scott came up from Pine Island to help with the syruping for a few days.  It has been running and I am behind with cooking and collecting.  The season is late, but most producers are finally happy that things are looking like a good year.   Our wood pile was buried under the new snow--a to-do for next year is to have a roof over the wood.

   The Sterling Eureka and Laketown Historical Society meeting was postponed until next Thursday night due to the snow.  

    Took a few photos of the late snowstorm.  Dad's birthday was on the 18th of April 1915.  I don't ever remember having a snowstorm on his birthday, or even snow.  Normally that is about the time the lake ice goes out. 
    We won't be going to Myrtle Wilkens's funeral (Margo's mom). They are not having a funeral, just a graveside service and prayer for now, with a celebration of her life later when Margo is able to go.  

    Her Granddaughter, Cassie:  "In honor of the woman who taught me how to paint, sew, keep a garden, pull a rusty fishing hook from my leg, and steal all the jelly packets from the restaurant...I hope you finally found peace."
Photos from the cabin porch.  The flash lights up the branches in the foreground and a few snow flakes contrasting against the normal background.  Interesting effect!