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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sap is running!

About 2/3 of my maple trees are dripping sap today!  I got about 150 gallons of sap when I collected early this afternoon.  I hadn't collected for 3 days, so some of it is from earlier--in fact about five 5-gallon pails were running over.  They had a lot of ice in them that I strained out.  I have about 200 gallons of sap on hand, about 5-6 gallons of syrup when it is cooked down.  Probably take me until Monday to get it cooked down. 

Behind this badly damaged maple tree is the cabin.  A huge branch broke off 3 years ago.  

Yesterday looked like lots of snow--it is melting very fast today!
Margo had a procedure Friday to drain the fluid buildup under the flap of skin where the breast was removed. It went well, but she has to have a drain tube in for this week and a few appointments to check on it.  Scott is back to Pine Island to help out.  She is doing well with radiation still expected for May.