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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

St Croix Retreat

Feeling unlike getting anything useful done today, I took a trip to St Croix Falls coming back up the River Road.  I stopped several places along the way to admire the 8-foot lower river as dam repairs are underway at St Croix Falls. 

Scramble down to the river -- trying to untrodden spots

A mile or two above the Lion's park

Creek trickling down to the river

About 7 foot exposed depth and narrow bank 

Many clams dead and alive.  I wonder if the water drop kills those on the edges?

Looking for agates, but none found

Some metal bones 

Some sand, some muck drying out and spongy to walk on and some rocks. 

Peat drying out 

A logger up river sent a chunk down to be used on the dam

Some stumps seemed to be anchored by the roots.  Unlikely after 107 years under water

The shadow of a logger and a log from a century ago 

Logs are 16 foot long, and not terribly big like the pines of old.  The last runs in the early 1900s were second cuttings or white and red pine and jack pines

Cribs up river from Nevers Dam don't seem to be much more exposed than normal

The Wisconsin edge of Nevers Dam