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Sunday, September 13, 2015

St Croix Falls High School Class of '65 50th Reunion

The average change from 1965 to 2015 was:  gray hair, 25lbs added, and difficulty in hearing each other.  Our minds were still shack as a tarp.  

The master of ceremonies and one of the planners, Sandra, was a blur of high activity as she passed the responsibility of the 2020 reunion on to the Cushing Kids. 

Last night, Margo and I went to my 50th high school reunion.   Some of the folks there had gone to school together for 12 years and others less.  I started at Wolf Creek and in 6th grade went to the new Cushing School and then 9-12 at St Croix Falls and as Melvin, my only Wolf Creek Classmate died many years ago, the Cushing friends were the longest at 7 years.  

I took many photos and include some here.  I have been to most of the reunions and have gotten acquainted with the spouses of most of my classmates.  So rather than ask the classmate how they are doing, I ask the spouse as I get a more honest answer!  If you don't recognize someone, assume it is a spouse, not that at age 68 we have changed. 

Back Row (maiden names): Mike Neumann, Sharon Patrin, Sandra Lucken, Russ Hanson, Marcella Lehman, Carol Harder, Margaret Thomas, Don Hoag, Linda Pratt Front Row: Thomas Montgomery, Donna Ogilvie, Sandra Hansen, Patricia Carlson, Carol Bishop, Shirley Larsen

Some overlap with the above photo
Back:  Carol Harder, Margaret Thomas, Linda Pratt, George Gullickson, Jennifer Mueller, Dennis Peterson, Gail Felland, Brennel Byrd, Dan Woolson, Stan Folz and Steven Hobbs
Front (seated)  Pat Carlson, Carol Bishop, Shirley Larsen, Yvonne Olsen, Lois Museus, Patsy Swanson

Signed up but not able to make the reunion
Judy Gray, Karen Wilson, Doug Anderson, Diana Brown, Gordy Petersen (back surgery coming this week), Laurie Hansen (in the VA hospital with leg infection), Gerald Pieper (at a wedding).  The reunion was put on by the St Croix school kids and Jennifer made paddles with our photos for name tags.  Pretty cool!

Cushing gang -- Shirley, Carol, Bruce, Marcella, and Pat.  I think Bruce left early and missed the group photo.  


Lillian and Melanie (spouses) Don, Mike, and Stan

Yvonne, Sandy, Lowell (spouse) and Carol

Pat, Lois, David (spouse) and Patsy

Jennifer, Margaret, Thomas and Daniel

Brennel (I am not sure how to spell), Pat, ?, George and wife Marsha

Steve Hobbs went to school in St Croix Falls and moved after grade 9.  I remember him as a quiet and interesting boy.  He remembers having algebra phobia.  On the right is his friend Tom