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Friday, September 18, 2015

10th Annual River Road Ramble

Link to the 10th annual St Croix River Road - Hwy 87 Ramble
Ramble Stops Map and Guide.
Only buttercup squash this year
Back in 2006, when I was writing River Road Ramblings for the local newspaper, I was struck at how beautiful the fall color was along the old St Croix River Road between St Croix Falls and Grantsburg, and invited my readers to take a Ramble at the end of September along the route, promising a guide for some historical information, some historical stops, and maybe a few garage sales and farm markets.  

Ten years later, I no longer write the column (I write here instead) and I still am inviting my friends to take a River Road Ramble along the oldest road in this part of the country and loop around via Hwy 87, the shortest State Highway in Wisconsin as well as the one farthermost west in Wisconsin.  
Eating and cooking apples

We have maps and tour guides for the 27 stops along the way this year.  Today, Margo and I were out and took the loop tour checking on how much fall color was ready--not so much, but tinges here and there of yellow, orange and red and likely a week from now on the 26th when the Ramble day comes, a lot more.  

Here on the farm we begin picking apples, squash, pumpkins, bottling maple syrup and checking on tomatoes for our Hanson Farm stop on the Ramble.  We are gathering some of the miscellaneous from the sheds and barn to offer it on a yard sale. 
Some pretty huge pumpkins

 Sort of embarrassing at how much is junk vs treasure! 
The sand garden tomatoes are doing fine.  Those on the home farm died long ago of blight

Giant field pumpkins did OK

Melons are finally ripe and this one tastes pretty good

Starting to nibble the pumpkins nearby

Soy Bean field denizens 
2015 Season Maple Syrup
We will be open 8 - 5 on Saturday September 26th at the farm on Evergreen Avenue north of Cushing.  Watch for the signs along Hwy 87 and the River Road   We are one of 27 stops on the tour this year.  Now I have to go declutter the yard and make it look like someone other than a bunch of hillwilliams live here on the Hanson Farm.