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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid Summer

Went 2 weekends ago to the Swedish Club's midsummer fest in Polk Co NW Wisconsin.  Very nice.  They put a group of photos on their website Midommar Photos

One of people talking to an old Swede caught my eye.  The midsummer pole was being decorated and prepared for erection.  Dr. Hanson and wife visit with the Rambler.  We know each other through having gotten acquainted via his mother, Doris, member of our local writers group (who passed away 2 years ago). 

Back in 2004, tried our own midsummer festival at the Hanson family reunion, having just experienced it with cousins in Sweden in 2003.   Lots of fun introducing Swedish customs to 4th and 5th generation Americans who have lost touch with their roots.  Robert Nelson came and played music, taught us some songs and a little Swedish language.   He was at the 2013 festival, in his early 90s and enjoying it as much as ever!

And of course I took a few photos too:
Jay Bergstrand shows the fine art of face painting Viking style

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Carolyn Wedin is instrumental in the local celebration!

The little green frogs are dancing

Passing on traditions

Peanut gallery

The D.D. Kennedy park -- sad that Darrell Kittleson, who pushed the building into being is gone. 

Margo has her annual mammogram this year today and a visit to physical therapy to see how her arm and hand swelling are coming along.  Then she takes a few more days off and heads north to the cabin on Saturday.  

Next week we start filling the Polk Co Fair School House with exhibits for the upcoming Fair, the last weekend of July. 

Before that, we help with the aebleskiver at Lucky Days at the Luck museum--July 20th 9-noon.  The round pancakes are fun to make, even if the supervision of the Danish cooks is a little strict (absolutely not a touch of egg yolk in the egg whites when separating them).  

   Maybe the raspberries will be ripe by then and we can put a surprise in each skiver.  The Danes are of two minds on this--the Happy Lutherans (Grundtvigians) like the fruit surprise, but the Pious Lutherans (no-dancing ones) find it frivolous and likely on the path to Hell.   So we offer a choice ;-)

Friday is the Poetry/Prose Slam at the Luck Museum, noon potluck lunch.  The Northwest Wisconsin Regional Writers and the Poco Penners of Balsam Lake meet in their annual get together to share yarns and pomes.   If you are interested in becoming a member or to listen in, drop in with a fresh strawberry pie and you will be enthusiastically welcomed!

Have to get my fair entries underway.  Stories, poems, apples, maple products and more--altogether 23 items.  Margo has a bunch too.  Rather fun to get those blue ribbons and fame and loot!
See you out and about. 
  Brief video of Summerfest -- my film ran out (yep even happens on a digital camera!)