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Monday, July 8, 2013

93 and Counting!

The sultry Sunday gave way to a brief thunderstorm blowing in a 55 degree cool sweater morning.  Fog has mostly cleared by 8 am.  

Ninety Three year old Erling Grumstrup listens intently to a speaker at the West Denmark Family Camp.  Early  one morning I met him out for a walk to the West Denmark Cemetery to visit his wife's grave.  He moved from West Denmark to Solvang CA 4 years ago, but retains his health and faculties and is as interested in life as ever. 

Frank Boatman of Laketown rural Cushing at the 2013 Sterling Settler's picnic.  He is a healthy and vigorous 93.  He attended with his wife Ruth, 92, married 73 years (I think).   
At a rather youthful sounding 66,  I don't really expect to make my 90s, however it is encouraging to have friends who have.  

I have worked on my family history, and although a few Hanson men have made it to 89, there is not a one who has made the 90s.  Women in the family have made 100.   We seem to be stick in the 70s to 80s.  

 Dad and his cousin Selden both made 89--oldest of that whole group.  Two of their uncles made 87 and their great grandpa broke 80.  Otherwise 70s and 80s are the rule.    

  My own generation does not look likely to have any men break 90 either.  We are all in our 60s and 70s with the oldest of the cousins already passed away or just into their 70s.  The collective health of my generation does not look wonderful, but who knows, maybe with replacement parts grown on demand, we will break the record!