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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Storm Draco

    Snowstorm Draco blew in last night, but mostly passed to the south.  Four inches of snow have fallen so far here in Pine Island, covering the almost bare ground.  The winds are picking up -- supposed to be in the 30s and above so the snow will likely start moving across the windswept prairies around us.

Looking out our west window to the neighbor's barn

   Margo, after spending Tuesday and Wednesday in Methodist hospital, is home again, and feeling good.  Her potassium got very low, causing all sorts of weakness and other problems.   Some IVs and Ativan for nausea things cleared up nicely.  Back to the last two chemo's starting Dec 31 a rest for 3 weeks, surgery in Feb, and another rest for a few weeks and then radiation with April looking like the end of the treatment cycle.  

   Margo's aunt Blanche, her mother's older sister, passed away this week.  She was 88 and had found out earlier this year that she had cancer.   Her obituary is Blanche Batterman Obituary link   She was in the early stages of Alzheimer's, having trouble recognizing folks.  She was one of 11 children, 6 girls and 5 boys--Margo's uncles and aunts.  Six are still alive with all but the youngest in their 80s.  Five of the 6 aunts have had Alzheimer's--but not the uncles.   

   Margo's mother, Myrtle, celebrates her 85th birthday today.  We aren't traveling to West Bend this year, so won't be there for birthday wishes.  Myrtle has been in a nursing home for 7 years now, having advanced Alzheimer's. She seems to know her husband, but it is difficult to know if she really is aware of much anymore.  She sleeps a lot and gets help from her husband Merlin and the nurses to eat.  It has been very hard for Margo and the whole family to see Myrtle lose her identity.  She was a very active engaged person.  She worked on the assembly line at Power Products making gas engines for most of her life and was an avid fisherman, traveler, and loved handwork--making fancy afghans and such.  Gradually all of that went away with her memories of her  ownself.   

   Mom, Alberta Hanson, turned 91 on the 18th of December.  I visited her last Saturday and she was getting along OK--aches and pains, but still living independently and enjoying all the Christmas mail.    When I called her on the 18th, she was barely able to talk--had gotten a cold.  Christmas is hard to get through without picking some flu or cold from all the folks visiting each other.  

Early morning with 4 inches of fresh snow

The snow birds were looking for sunflower seeds