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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Garden Planning!

Apple trees outside the garden fence

     Starting to look at the garden seed catalogs.  Nothing like looking at the summer pictures from the garden to think about what to do this year.  Mom's garden pictured in June. Fenced to keep out the critters.  Mom, age 91, is getting her garden planned already!  
  The dill is left over from when Mom was the "dill lady" growing dill  to sell to the neighbors and the local stores.  Easy to grow and brought in several hundred dollars each summer at 50 cents for 3 large multi-head stems.  
Mom's Garden -- Volunteer dill all over!

A few tomatoes peaking out of some weeds and dill.

Raspberries are set--had a great crop!

Strawberries and bird distractors

The Shadow Knows who the photographer is!
Can he jump the 6 foot fence?

A garden should have some strawberries and raspberries!

Gurneys has lots of older varieties of watermelons for our sand garden
Gurney's link

With Margo and I idling this winter while our health improves, we are spending time planning spring and summer gardens. We want to do the farmer's market again--and have our pumpking/squash garden, our watermelon garden on the sand, and a general purpose garden.  Also thinking a lot about maple syrup season!  May or may not be ready for that this spring. 
   Have a lot of slow time, so am looking through the photos from 2012.