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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!    Already had a call from Mom wishing us the same.  She is over her cold and feeling pretty good seven days into being 91.   She is having brother Ev down this morning for Christmas brunch.  
   Had a nice photo from cousin Ardyce out there in Los Angeles of her Christmas eve table--even had cheese ordered from Burnett Dairy!

Cousin Ardyce's Christmas table
beats ours!  We had paper plates, a bottle of
Gene's home made rhubarb wine in plastic medicine
 measuring cups and regular crackers with Cheese Whiz and Peanut Butter! 

Burnett Dairy Cheese in Los Angeles at
Cousin Ardyce's table

Trying a night camera move shot at the lights

Margo has several amaryllis and paper whites blooming in the south windows

The Christmas tree is a small Norfolk Pine this year.  The south
end of our house is full of windows so we have a wonderful
view of the outdoors from in our front room!  The windows
are big sheets of insulated glass that we built into the walls--quite
inexpensive compared to regular windows from Arctic Glass along  Hwy 94 -- about $100 bucks each for two 4x6 and four 3x6 with two regular windows and a patio door all wrapped around the south end of the house on the main floor. Upstairs lots of windows to the south too.  Furnace barely runs during sunny days with the passive solar heating effect. 

The pastel sunrise this morning