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Thursday, January 14, 2016

SELHS Chrstmas Party -- Jan 21

Sending out newsletters to the Sterling Eureka and Laketown Historical Society members for our 2015 Christmas Party.  It is January 21, noon potluck at the Wolf Creek Methodist Church.  

We have a party in January to break up the long winter.  This year we have a speaker, Larry Smetak who will answer the question "Who was Caleb Cushing?"    

The SELHS museum is located in up-town Cushing, WI (far NW part of the state), a town named after Caleb Cushing.  He was from the east and speculated in land in the 1860s.  Folks went from St Croix Falls up to stay at the crossroads to see the Cushing lands, and that evolved into going to Cushing and thus our town received its name.  Cushing was much more than a land speculator.  He was a military man, a politician, a lawyer, and business man too.  Dr. Smetak will tell us all about him. 

The January newsletter of SELHS is online and viewable at Jan 2016 SELHS Newsletter

We are in one of those cold spells that wanders below and above 0F and makes winter drag on if you don't like winter activities.  We are not too keen on them so are eager to move into spring. 

January 28th I give a slide show on the history of Maple Syruping at the Luck Museum, 7 pm.   We started a winter syruping seminar about 10 years ago, and do something each year to bring out the folks who are eager for mid March syrup season to begin.