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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Views

Had a very busy two weeks with the Polk County fair and taking on the 160 year old historic Red School House on the fair grounds at St Croix Falls, WI.  

Scott helped me this year as Margo, although she is improving, is still not very strong and mostly gives advice yet.  With therapy done, she is working on balance and strength improvement so she can stand, walk and do things safely.  

The school house includes cleaning the building, getting in displays, lining up 20 volunteers to sit there for 4-hour shifts over 9-9 four days, the daily upkeep, and then cleaning it all out again.  We had almost 2000 folks drop by on a fair week that was almost perfect weather, so successful!

I plan to put fair photos on in a different post.  Some of the changes that August brings on the farm are interesting.  Still warm weather ahead, but everything is trying to finish up it's cycle of reproducing before the September frosts.  

Field corn is in the early milk stage and looks great

Summer squash

Art by a spider trapping thistle down

Apples are a month away from eating, although the tiny crab apples are pretty good already

Dill heads are seedy.  The dill comes each year in the garden from seeds shed on the ground the year before.  Mom was the "dill lady" who supplied local stores and neighbors with their early dill

We have had a moderate summer with one or two days at 90F so far.  August is starting cool and on calm mornings the fog forms over the old cranberry bog to the east
Trying to change a some old cow pasture grown up to weeds into next year's pumpkin garden.  The little disk is not heavy enough to break the sod, and although this is a very sunny plot, lower and more susceptible to early frosts

Rabbits are thriving on the farm.  In the summer they just eat my gardens, fenced or not, and in the winter, all they do is chew the bark off of my apple trees, especially the young ones I spent $25 each on and have been carefully watering and fertilizing to get started.  I plan to live trap them all and haul them to the woods where they will have a safer winter than at the farm where the farmer has been known to eat rabbits in his younger days.