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Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 County Fair

Margo and I and Scott are busy with the 2015 Polk County Wisconsin Fair at St Croix Falls again this year.  We have entries, help with the Red School house, help with the maple syrup judging and spend the 4 days bumming around at the fair.  
Back when I was a youngster in 4-H, I got hooked on going to the fair.  After retirement, we joined the fair society and have often helped the Polk County Historical Society host the 1853 historic Red School house (moved to the fair grounds in the 1960s) be a historical stop at the fair.  On a normal year about 1500 folks pass through the door and get a glimpse of school days from 100 years ago.  

Some photos as we browse the fair in 2015. 
I asked the photography judge how he decides the blue ribbons for the 1400 entries in various color and black and white classes.
Judging Photos  (click to hear the judge explain the critieria)