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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mower Power

Spent some time this week monkeying (repairing?) my three riding lawn mowers.  One for the cabin, one for the farm and one for the MN home. 

The started is bad on the MN one so have to get a new one.  It also needs the valves adjusted to the starter doesn't have to work so hard to turn it over.   It is a 1999 MTD (Murray)

The cabin mower, MTD Yard Machines 38" cut just needed new belts.  There are 3, two drive and a deck.  They are bothersome to replace (and almost $30 each locally).  Spent two afternoons with Scott getting them changed, oil change and new blades.  

The farm mower is the Cub Cadet that doubles as a snow blower.  It is a 50 inch 3-blade deck that mounts under the tractor.  I haven't used it much, but with the others having trouble got it together and works well.  

The two drive belts come off of the double pulley.  The lower half has a moving side that changes the speed by running the belt at the center or varying distances farther out on the pulley as the sheaves come closer together.

Looking under the seat through the battery holder opening.  Have to take the big pulley off with the socket to replace that short belt.  Also a spring tightner pulley has to come off.  Not too hard to replace after you have done it once.
To put on the main drive belt, had to unbolt the engine and lift it up to get the belt under the belt guides.  That is actually how it is done by the manual.   Actually not too bad either if you have done it once.  

Now I will try putting on the 3-point mower that goes behind the Ford tractor and I use to mow trails and some light brush.  I hope to find some morels on the trails. 

Margo is feeling less shoulder pain with her new soft collar.  The old one pushed down so hard it left dents in her shoulders.  Slow but steady progress and slow but steady lessening of the pain.