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Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Collar for Margo

Margo got a new collar at her 6-weeks after surgery checkup.  It is more comfortable--a soft rather than a rigid one.  The old one was making her shoulders hurt.  This one lets her turn her head a little and move it more.  The doctor checked the new x-rays and said that everything looks good, however that the healing process is many more months ahead.  The next checkup is in 6 weeks and maybe Margo will graduate to a cleric's collar or even a stiff turtleneck!
Busy fixing broken mowers this week -- belts on one and a starter on the other.  Also the Super C Farmall rim I spent so much time on fixing last year -- the one that was rusted through, finally split out and so I ordered a new one that came yesterday.  A job removing the tire and putting it on the new rim and mounting that on the tractor.  

No morels yet, although the neighbors seem to have found some already.   In the garden, the strawberries are beginning to bloom and the rhubarb flourishing, but the flat seeded plants haven't sprouted yet.  
Corn fields on the farm have sprouted after almost an inch of rain over a few days

Lettuce and weeds seem to handle the cool weather

Fenced out of the garden, this rabbit plots a rabbit under-the-fence hole