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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Margo Surgery today

Margo went into upper back/neck surgery this morning and as of 2:30 pm the surgery is finishing.  The back surgeon said the surgery went well and although it may or may not reduce the pain, it will prevent the condition of the pinched spine from progressing to paralysis and even worse pain.

The Doctor's notes are somewhat worse case scenario, but read like this:
We discussed with her today a fairly extensive C2 to T1 decompressive laminectomy with foraminotomies to address her C5 radiculopathy and weakness followed by instrumented fusion, likely C2 down to T3 (neck to mid back).
We discussed all the risks including (but not limited to) death, paralysis,
stroke, blindness, infection, pseudarthrosis, persistent pain, CSF leak, bleeding, transfusion
complications, instrumentation failure, swallowing dysfunction, hoarseness, and the need for additional surgery.

What the plan means is to relieve the pinching on the spinal cord and put in some hardware to hold them away from the cord.
The Informed consent -- what can go wrong.

We are waiting for Margo to return from the recovery room later today.  A few weeks will have to go by to see how things turned out relative to pain.  The plan is to stay at St Mary's (Mayo) hospital until Monday then move to the Barron WI hospital rehab center for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the maple sap quit running with the warm weather, but we have not given up yet as there are a few freezing nights ahead before the season will be over.

The Easter Bunny was out earlier this week on a foggy morning.  

The well dressed deer crossing the road near Wolf Creek WI