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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Maple Season Complete

About a month after tapping the first maples, today we pulled the taps and declared season over -- an average season with 1 quart of syrup per tap hole.  Average actually means we are pretty happy!

This season was interrupted by Margo's neck/back surgery so we didn't tap as many trees as usual.  

Margo is at Mayo hospital in Rochester until Thursday when she will return to the farm.  She had some complications after surgery that made her arms and hands weak, so they wanted her to do rehab there where lots of support was available. 

She feels good; her pain is still gone, but she has to spend time trying to regain the upper body strength, and still has to wear a neck brace around-the-clock for 3 months.  She can walk with a walker, but for any distance, she uses a wheelchair for now, as holding on to the walker is not too secure yet.  She expects to recover, but slowly.  If the pain stays away, the main purpose of the surgery is accomplished. 

Scott is down there and keeping Margo under control while I came back to finish up the maple syruping.  

Mallards on Dub Lake


Pulling the taps
A successful year