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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking in the Woods

Written March 10th as the warm spell that melted all the snow began to take hold.  
Up to 62F this afternoon in the maple sugar woods.  We put out a few more test buckets here and there across the 70 acres to make sure we are ready when the sap drips faster.  

The first test bucket was dripping one drop per 3 seconds which converts into 1/50th of a gallon per hour or if it ran for about 8 hours that would a pint and a half of sap, when cooked down at 40 to 1 we would end up with a tablespoon of maple syrup.   So not really running very much yet!

Couldn't resist raking a little in the yard around the front of the house to prepare for spring cleaning.  A little too muddy, but fun anyway. 

No robins here yet, although they are in Eau Claire and Baraboo WI.  The snow is almost gone in the open areas and getting thin in the woods.  Very small trickling runoff as not much snow. 

Sunday Scott grills out on the farm. The snow in this photo is all gone two days later.