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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Syrup in the Bottle, One Day Old

The first small batch of syrup -- light colored, pleasant flavor and only 4 gallons (1 gallon to our crew member Dave)

The lake, in an effort to set an early opening record, is about 1/3 open this morning.  I think the earliest before was about March 30th with normal about April 15th 

Sometimes the snow catches us before we have put things away.

A new spring snow often stimulates maples to drip overnight.  This morning, about 1/4 of this bucket was filled after the 5 pm emptying and it was dripping already at 7 am when I first checked.

On the soybean stubble, a pair of Sandhill Cranes does some spooning. 

The deer just checked me out from their corn stubble breakfast.
Marv -- see the big down oak in the back of the field across from  your farm.

The spring snows are still pretty even though they are annoying to folks who have come through the winter and are thinking about gardening rather than shoveling snow.