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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rambling Along the St Croix

Had to travel to Rochester this week and took a leisurely tour down and back up the St Croix river -- MN side down and WI side back.  The river is mostly frozen, but here and there are open areas. 

Nevers Dam landing 

Taylors Falls looking NE
Hastings bridge over the Mississippi near where the St Croix joins

I saw three trains traveling along the Mississippi -- this one at Hastings and the others going south at Prescott.  All seemed like 100 cars or so. 

I stopped at Prescott, at the Great River Visitor Center

A sculpture at the visitor center -- looks like frozen roadkill stuck together.  

Reminds me of my own relatives who lived along the St Croix and sometimes ate clams, canned clams and searched for pearls.  Grandpa made mom a mother-of-pearl cross, hand cut out form a shell in the depression days of the 1930s when buying something was impossible.   She thought it was beautiful.