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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Facebook Activity

I post a lot of photos on Facebook -- nearly every day.  If you do the same, and your posts are original rather than reposting others posts, you can collect all of the posts and turn them into a single file or book if you want to. 

The software is at  You can select what posts to avoid (i.e. political ones by automatically removing posts with selected words--Democrat or Republican for instance).  

I did this for January and February of 2015.  It is free to do and is somewhat interesting to collect the items that are otherwise transitory -- they come one day and go the next. 

My pdf file is at Russ' January and February Facebook posts.

Margo is impatiently waiting her Tuesday appointments to find out when she can have back surgery and get out of her chair and again be able to do things without worrying about further damaging her back.  Hopefully the surgery will be in March and she will recovered by early summer.