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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sterling Sand Barrens August 1st tour

Trying to relax from the fair and other events that have taken over the past month, I finally took a drive out to the Sterling sand barrens out towards the St Croix River--where great grandpa, grandpa and Mom lived from 1900-1940 (about).  

Mom always said that anytime in the summer there was something blooming in the old tall grass prairies that were turned into wheat fields, then farms and abandoned and then with fire control and tree planting have become pine and oak forests. 

Butterfly on butterfly weed plant

Lead Plant -- prairie legume

Hazel nuts grow all over

Blueberry that has dried out the fruit
Poison Ivy is all over

The summer of 1970 I spent as the Sterling fire tower man

Mom attended the Evergreen School in the 1930s

Just west of Parker Hill on Evergreen is the old Fred Parker place.  He and his family lived there until one day, despondent about his alcoholism, Christ Christenson found him hanging nearby in the barn.