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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tires, Thistles, Tomatoes and Thighs

My Super C Farmall wheel rim that rusted out in spots is getting back in shape.  After scaling brushing and sanding rust, I put a rust treatment and then fiberglass screen and Bondo and painted it with Rustoleum primer so am getting within a day or two of putting it all together. 

the rusted area needs to be sanded and primed and then the whole wheel painted before reassembly.

The whole tire, tube and rim process has been slow but rather enjoyable.  Hope it works out!

While the paint is drying, I took a stroll around the garden -- and was struck by the diversity of wild plants (weeds) in an unmowed strip between bean field and garden.  The bees were enjoying it; gold finches after the thistle down and seed, and a chipmunk watched me carefully from a nearby pine. 

Margo had an MRI on her back and found two problems-- "a synovial cyst that is causing some narrowing of your spinal canal and protrudes into the L5 nerve root sleeve, the MRI also showed disc extrusion."  Both are pressing on a nerve that goes to the leg and causing so much pain that she barely is able to walk.  My Googling the conditions suggest that she may be have a shot in the back (cortisone?) to see if that will relieve the pain, and possibly a needle to try to drain the cyst.  They appear to be caused by some back vertebrae gradually breaking down. 
She doesn't have the appointment with that specialist until a week from this Friday.  In the meantime, she is sitting quietly with Scott helping out in Pine Island.  This getting older business is not so great!