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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Maple tapping

With a beautiful sunny day and temps at 40 (feeling like 60), Margo and I headed to the woods to tap some maples.  Snow was still too deep to drive the tractor through, so had to be satisfied to just tap a few by the driveway.  

Four trumpeter swans honked their way around the lake looking for any open water to test--but none available yet.  A sandhill crane croaked somewhere down the hill.  Driving past the lake, a flock of turkeys were on the small field along the road.  The south side of the steep hills have melted free from snow giving some scratch area for the birds. 

First robins have arrived this week; pair of pileated woodpeckers stopped by and some mud is forming in the yard!

Activity across the lake--logs for lumber

Margo does the twist (twerk?)

Sunrise over Bass Lake

Biscuits and gravy with some forced tulips to give color.  Note the 60 year old porcelain steel kitchen table.  Mom bought it new when I was in a high chair.