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Friday, March 14, 2014

Jack and Jill, fell down the hill...

Wednesday, Margo fell out in front of the farm house coming in from the car.  The sidewalk is under water and I put some planks out to keep us high and dry, but they were not quite stable and she took a nasty tumble.  

Walking the plank was not a good idea for Margo on Wednesday!

A CT scan at St Croix Falls Clinic and visit to Dr. Wallace showed no permanent or serious temporary problems, but a mild concussion and several days of taking it easy prescribed along with pain killers for her back and shoulder soreness.  

Over the years, the sidewalk has gradually disappeared into the lawn and needs to be re-done.  Project is suddenly high on the fix-it-up list for the farm. 

Bare hillsides!

Full moon arisin' soon

Melting snow adds a wonderful texture to the west field