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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pruning for the deer

Started pruning the apple trees yesterday.  Huge job as they haven't been pruned for many years.  Can't do it all in a single year--can't cut too much off.  Lots of dead branches to remove along with the live stuff to open the trees up a little. Some of the still hanging apples came down and were part of the attraction.  Most of those left are on the Wolf River--big pie apples.  

The deer immediately moved in last night to munch on the down branches.  I took a few photos as the light was fading.  

The post in the foreground is Mom's string supply--for birds to make their nests each spring.  The small trees are fenced in as is the garden to try to keep the deer out. 

The little fawns get pushed out and come to clean up around the bird feeders next to the house.  

The deer sinks down in the very deep snow.