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Friday, February 21, 2014

37th 2013-2014 Snowstorm

I am not sure it is the 37th snowstorm of this winter, just as I am not sure if we've had 41 or 45 days this winter that were below freezing, and 2 that got into the 30s, but it is certainly one of those winters to remember.  

By 10 pm last night, the snow was drifted in and roads all closed.  No more traffic until 6:30 when the Sterling snowplow truck went by--just barely light yet.  I wonder if the snowplow driver takes the truck home at night, as it would be hard to drive down to the corner of Evergreen and River Road to the Town garage.  

Living on Evergreen is good--one of the first roads plowed as it is the lifeline of the Sterling Barrens to get to Hwy 87 and on to work or for us older folks the morning coffee out at the Cushing Corner station.  
Deer taking a last supper in the orchard as the snow storm moved in.  They like the orchard pruning twigs and all the apples I left on the ground -- pretty deep down, but insulated by all the snow. 

10 pm and still snowing

After an hour of blowing snow with the Cub Cadet, the driveway is open, and the car could get out.  After some breakfast, will gas it up and finish the yard.  Margo is headed back Saturday, roads willing, and so I am doing this all on my own!  

The Cub Cadet came from Margo's Dad's farm, when he moved into town a few years ago, he gave us a good price on it and some other items from his garage.  The Cub is really quite wonderful at moving snow--it clears a path in front of it.  Much better than the back blade on the Ford 2n in deep snow.  

Although the winter is getting old, there is still something about a big snowstorm, the fresh deep white snow, and rising to the challenge of getting plowed out that I look forward to.  Having the right machinery is great.  My friend Buz, shovels his whole driveway by hand.  He also thinks of it as a challenge, and unlike me, he gets a good workout doing it.   

Back in the early days on the farm, in the BT days (before tractor), Dad shoveled our long driveway by hand when he had to.  However, that was rare, as in those days the milk hauler from the Cushing Creamery had a snow plow on his milk truck, and loaded  full with milk cans, could pretty much get through anything.  We boys loved to wait for him to roar up the driveway in a cloud of blowing snow,  making the loop around the pump shed and then a few extra pushes to clear our yard before pulling along side the milk house, loading our filled cans and replacing them with empties (#72 was our can number as I recall ).  

Well, my fingers are warmed up, the coffee is kicking in, so it's time to move some snow!

1924 Dodge with Cushingites --needs a snow plow to finish the milk route!