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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making Tracks

The 40 acres of the Hanson Farm.  Red is today's X-Country ski tour and blue is yesterday's tour.  This is a "new" photo from Google showing the extended and farmed fields.  The land boundaries are the roads and the woods lines. 40 acres is 1/4 mile on each boundary, so my ski trips are probably 1/2 mile or so and took 1 hour of slowly breaking very deep snow. 
Another beautiful sunny day with temperature 34--the good day before another week of below zeros.  Took a different direction across the 40 acres and looked for tracks in the fresh snow. 
Today's ski tour:   from the buildings headed southwest (North at top)  to Dub Lake then across the lake south then NW across the openings and back to the house.  This photo is several years ago when the farm had been left idle for 15 years. On the east and west sides are big cattail swamps.

He came to a fork in the road and took it -- Yogi Berra

Bird wing tracks?

Abominable snowman?

The old beaver dam that backs up Dub Lake.  Low spot is where the ash tree grows.  If I filled it in, probably could raise the pond 2 feet!  I need to hire a beaver.